OEM Laser Power Sensors & Heads

For OEM Applications
Since 1988 Laser Point has been a supplier of power detectors to leading laser industries in Europe and USA. Based on radial thermopile technology, LaserPoint power sensors include a variety of standard and custom designed models, developed on customerís needs. Active diameters range from popular 20 mm up to 50 mm, used for industrial large area lasers. Sensors can be also supplied with an external body for their housing and fluid cooling, with or without amplifying electronics . Different radiation absorbers (surface or volume ) are available on request. Standard coating is very hard and is specific for lasers like CO2, Nd-Yag, Excimer. On shaped surfaces, absorbivity is close to 98% and irradiance is far above 20KW/cm2 at low powers (>1.3KW/cm2 at high power ).

Main Features:

LaserPointís wide series of OEM sensors has been designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements of laser powers in a variety of configurations and wavelengths. Applications can be found in medical, industrial and scientific fields to monitor laser sources, machines and optical fibers outputs.Rich and complete, the set of standard OEM sensors range from 10 W up to 200W and have coatings for Nd-Yags, CO2, Excimers, laser diodes so to offer convenient and durable solutions.

Technical Support:
Our 12 years of presence in the OEM market of power sensors, several patents and the participation to a number of European Projects on laser monitoring are the best card LaserPoint can give his customers, when technical support is required to discuss new applications or design new detectors. A commitment to servicing with quality products, prompt deliveries and after sales assistance is another support provided by LaserPoint on which customers can rely on.


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