Power meter per laser CW e impulsati

Power & Energy Monitors

: Laser power/energy meter
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  • Touch  screen
  • Wide Dynamic Ranges: µW to Kw, mJ to 100 J
  • Graphic Display, 4 menù
  • Autorange & Statistical Functions
  • Fast Analog Bargraph
  • Compatible with ALL LaserPoint's Detectors


Plus: Laser power/energy meter
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Plus in the most versatile measurement monitor for thermal heads available on the market today. Its price-to-performance ratio is absolutely outstanding, since it has been specifically imagined and designed to be everybody's tool for laser power measurements.

 Other than power measures energy, allows wavelength correction for more precise measurements, bears a bargraph for laser tweaking. It can be used on the field, for service purposes, in laboratory and can make sophisticated signal analysis with its optional SW.


Power & Energy Detectors

  • Intelligent Identification System (IIS)
  • Detectors from 100microwatt to 6kW
  • 10 to 60mm Active Diameters
  • Spectral Bandwidth: UV -VIS -NIR
  • Air Cooling up to 600W
  • High Damage Thresholds
  • SHC power density  2KW/cm2
  • NIST Traceable Calibration

Head Code Power Range Max Intermittent Power (2min) Energy Range Useful Aperture Spectral Range Cooling
PD50-D9-UV 100nW - 50 mW n.a.  n.a.  Ø 9,5mm  200-1100nm  convection 
PD50-D9-VIS 100nW - 50 mW n.a.  n.a.  Ø 9,5mm  400-1100nm  convection 
PD50-D9-IR 100nW - 40 mW n.a.  n.a.  Ø 9,5mm  700-1800nm  convection 
PD500-D9-VIS 1µW - 500 mW n.a. n.a. Ø 9,5mm 400-1100nm  convection
A-02-D12-BBF 100µW - 200 mW
10µW - 20 mW*
*by optional plug-in 
n.a.  n.a.  Ø 12mm  0.19-0.25µm  convection 
A-2-D12-BBF  1mW - 2W
100μW - 200mW *
*by Optional Plug-In 
n.a.  0.5mJ-2J  Ø12mm  0.19-25μm  convection 
A-2-D12-HPB 1mW - 2W
100μW - 200mW *
*by Optional Plug-In 
n.a.  0.5mJ-2J  Ø12mm  0.25-11μm  convection 
A-10-D12-HPB 10mW - 10W  15W  50mJ-10J  Ø12mm  0.25-11μm  convection 
A-10-D20-BBF 10mW-10W  15W  50mJ-10J  Ø 20mm  0.19-25μm  convection 
A-10-D20-HPB 10mW-10W  15W  50mJ-10J  Ø 20mm  0.25-11μm  convection 
A-40-D25-BBF 10mW - 40W  60W  200mJ-40J  Ø25mm  0.19-25μm  convection 
A-40-D25-HPB 10mW - 40W  60W  200mJ-40J  Ø25mm  0.25-11μm  convection 
A-40-D40-HPB 10mW - 40W  60W  200mJ-40J  Ø 40mm  0.25-11μm  convection 
A-40/200-D25-HPB 100mW - 40W  200W  1J-200J  Ø25mm  0.25-11μm  convection 
A-40/200-D40-HPB 100mW - 40W  200W  1J-200J  Ø40mm  0.25-11μm  convection 
A-40/200-D60-HPB 100mW - 40W  200W  1J-200J  Ø60mm  0.25-11μm  convection 
A-200-D25-SHC 10mW - 200W  250W  1J-200J  Ø25mm  0.25-11μm  forced air 
A-200-D40-SHC 10mW - 200W  250W  1J-200J  Ø40mm  0.25-11μm  forced air 
A-200-D60-SHC 10mW - 200W  250W  1J-200J  Ø60mm  0.25-11μm  forced air 
W-200-D40-SHC 10mW - 200W  300W  1J-200J  Ø40mm  0.25-11μm  water 
A-300-D60-HPB 10mW - 300W  450W  1.5J-300J  Ø60mm  0.25-11μm  forced air 
A-600-D40-HPB 20mW - 600W  800W  3J-600J  Ø40mm  0.25-11μm  forced air 
W-600-D30-SHC 10mW - 600W  800W  3J-600J  Ø30mm  0.25-11μm  water 


W-1500-D40-SHC 100mW- 1500W  2250W  n.a. Ø40mm  0.25-11μm  water 
W-3000-D55-HPB 100mW  3000W  4500W  n.a. Ø55mm  0.25-11μm  water 
W-6000-D55-HPB 100mW  6000W  9000W  n.a. Ø55mm  0.25-11μm  water 


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