Motorized Micromanipulator Patch clamp NEW PCS-6000

Corsa motorizzata 25mm + corsa piezo 150/300 micron, fino a 4 assi

Le novitÓ della nuova serie:


  • NEW! Easy-set motorized memory positions
  • NEW! Intuitive computer controlled user interface software
  • 25mm of motorized travel for rapid coarse positioning
  • PZT technology with nanometer precision for fine positioning
  • 3- and 4-axis systems available with a variety of PZT configurations
  • Negligible drift for ultra-high stability
  • PCS-6000 controller can support an additional manipulator - the PCS-4100
  • Adjustable home positions on rotary pivot stages
  • Low-noise electronics and cables are fully shielded and carefully grounded
  • Minimize experimental set up time
  • Minimize time lag between sample preparation and performing experiment
  • Your fingertip commands are instantly converted to smooth, predictable motion
  • High productivity and flexibility
  • Complete control of your experiment
  • Save costs & benchspace by using one controller for either patching, perfusion or excitation
  • Rapid, easy pipette exchange saves time
  • Produce negligible interference with your recordings


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