X9 2 Controllo periodico di lampade UV per curing, inspection, ...

The X9 2 is used for measurements in UV curing applications. The irradiated engery of applied light sources needs to be controlled, since too low a dose will not cure the product whereas too high a dose may damage or dry out the surface layer of glues. The intense UV radiation generated by these sources combined in some cases with high heat levels can lead to rapid degradation and large drift factors in conventionally constructed measurement devices. The attached detectors consist of two main components, the passive RADIN element and the detector that are connected by a flexible or rigid light guide. The light guide protects the detector and corrective band pass filter from heat damage and also reduces measurement errors due to the temperature coefficient (drift) of the photodiodes. Detectors are available with flexible and rigid light guides. The X9 2 Optometer allows CW measurement and Dose measurements.






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