HCT-99D colorimetro
Per utilizzo su sorgenti luminose, led, apparecchi di illuminazione


Gigahertz-Optiks new and improved HCT-99-D is a compact and portable luminous color and illuminance meter. Now the meter not only measures absolute color values but can also measure the difference in color coordinates x,y or u, v and color temperature as well. So deviations from reference light sources can be measured and displayed easily.
Due to its ease of use the HCT-99-D may be employed in quality control and on the production line but can deliver valuable data in R & D applications as well.
Luminance of surface emitters or luminous intensity measurement capability is made possible by adding appropriate accessories and calibrations.
The ergonomically designed HCT-99 also features a wide dynamic range and fast signal display. A USB interface is provided for full remote control. In this mode the meter is powered by the PC making continuous operation possible.

In combination with the optionally SRT-front tubes, the Luminance can be measured to specify the contrast situation on work stations and monitors.

Gigahertz-Optik offers user-friendly OS-X1 software for the HCT-99-D as an option. Several HCT-99-Ds can be operated in parallel on a USB hub. DLLs are provided for self-program ming and incorporation into end-user applications and systems.
Calibration is provided by Gigahertz-Optiks DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited optical radiation calibration laboratory and is traceable to international standards.





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