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Off-the Shelf Delivery for Standard Products

Our stock items include waveplates, laser crystal and optics, prisms,windows,lenses,mirrors,beamsplitters etc. We maintain a stock of over 100,000 crystal and optical components, available for immediate delivery.

Optical Fabrication, Coating, and Value added Assembly

Our many experienced engineers can design custom optical assemblies and specialty coatings to meet your specific requirements. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians take pride in consistently fabricating high quality products to meet these specifications. We have experience in both assembly of sophisticated optical components and in ramping specific production lines to high volume. We can provide you, the customer, with high quality, low cost components. Advanced software and automated manufacturing equipment also provide additional savings.

Strict Quality Control and ISO9001 Quality Systems

Our up-to-date optical metrology equipment includes two Zygo GPI-XP interferometers, a Perkin-Elmer Lambda 900, a radius tester, waveplate tester and ellipsometers. These pieces of equipment along with many others, ensure that we comply with all specifications. State of the art x-ray diffraction equipment is used for quality assurance of crystal material. Our large quality department tightly controls manufacturing processes and quality procedures, and keeps detailed inspection records to comply with the strict ISO 9001 standards. And of course, test reports are provided with our optics upon request.

Unbeatable Low Price for both R&D and OEM Customers

Low price for high quality optical components is our competitive edge at Casix. As listed in this catalogue or quoted for custom-made optics, you are assured of pricing that gives you the advantage in today's highly competitive marketplace.




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